Victorian Dental Group places significant value on promoting efficient, reliable and transparent access to dental care and ensuring its professional, sustainable, and safe operation as a health care facility. In order to do so, all appointments and attendance at Victorian Dental Group are subject to the following terms, policies and conditions:

  1. Confirming your Appointment

  2. Cancellation or Missed Appointment Fees

  3. Late Arrival Policy

  4. Appointment Booking Deposits

  5. Eligibility for Continued Attendance.




One of the ways that we achieve our goals is by efficient use of appointment time and staff. We exist to personally care for our patients, and keeping to schedule is the only way we can continue to offer our quality service to all our patients.


At Victorian Dental Group, your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you to ensure time and resources are allocated to provide the best possible care. Appointments are in high demand, and your advance notice in the event of your inability to attend allows us to schedule a patient who may be in urgent need of care in your place.

We will aim to send you an email reminder 2 weeks prior, an SMS requesting your confirmation 4 days prior, and then a reminder SMS of your confirmed appointment the day prior. Please read the text to confirm the date and time, then please respond confirming your attendance by replying to the SMS or by calling the clinic.

SMS, email and phone reminders are a courtesy only and are not to be relied upon for appointment confirmation. Not receiving an SMS, email or phone call will not excuse a missed appointment. Not responding to SMS, email or phone confirmation attempts does NOT constitute confirmation of non-attendance to an appointment. 

If attempts to confirm your appointment have been unsuccessful and you do not confirm your scheduled appointment, we may remove it in the event that emergency or urgent care is required by another person. A booking deposit may be required to secure future visits if you have scheduled an appointment but it has needed to be removed because it was not confirmed or attended



If you need to cancel your appointment, please call the clinic reception team on 9088 5808 during our usual business hours. If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible. Please DO NOT attempt to cancel your appointment via email or text message.


Please advise us as soon as possible if you cannot attend an appointment. This allows us to offer your appointment to someone else who may need urgent treatment. Since we are unable to offer care to other patients due to holding your appointment, missing an appointment, rescheduling or cancelling appointments with less than 48 hours notice may result in a cancellation charge, and you may be required to pre-pay a deposit fee towards securing any future booking.

We respectfully request 48-hours notice for all appointment changes. This accounts for business hours only, as appointment changes, naturally, cannot be managed outside of business hours. 

If this request is not fulfilled, it may be necessary to charge a non-refundable $100 fee per hour of the original appointment duration, and you may be required to pre-pay a deposit fee towards securing any future booking.

We also reserve the right to charge the cost of the treatment upfront before making another appointment. Please understand that this is considered a last resort, with the real motivating factor being our concern for the quality of service we are able to provide to our valued patients.

We also may reserve the right to charge the cancellation fee prior to making another appointment.

Please note that separate terms and conditions apply to cancelling an appointment where a deposit has been paid due to the nature of the treatment length or complexity. See item ‘4. Booking Deposit’ 


In order to provide a fair and timely service to all of our patients, we require that patients to arrive promptly for their appointments. If you are attending the surgery for the first time, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your allocated time to allow timely completion of your new patient paperwork.

Arriving late deprives you of treatment time and limits the capacity for treatment to be received suitability, completely or safely.

We fully understand that sometimes being late is outside of your control and we will always do our best to accommodate late arrivals by performing the most complete treatment possible in the time remaining (if appropriate). We ask that you contact us if you are concerned, you may be late, and we can then advise whether there will still be sufficient time to keep your appointment.

Unfortunately, arriving too late to perform the treatment can result in a missed appointment charge of $100 per hour for the duration of the scheduled appointment.

Although we endeavour to and do run to time in most instances, emergencies and unforeseen circumstances may occasionally result in appointment book schedule changes. We trust that affected patients will be understanding in the rare event that this may occur, and we always endeavour to contact patients if this occurs to ensure you are not kept waiting.


We reserve the right to require a deposit to secure your booking for any scheduled appointment. The appointment time will be reserved exclusively for you and will no longer be made available to other patients. This deposit is a credit towards your account and will be applied at the time of your treatment. The following deposit policies apply:

Appointment times greater than 60-minutes

In circumstances where the appointment is for greater than 60-minutes (with the exception of zoom whitening services), we may ask you to pay a deposit of $100 p/h towards your treatment.

Appointments for Zoom Whitening Services

For all in-chair zoom whitening services, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Appointments greater than 120-minutes.

In situations where appointments extend beyond 120-minutes, the deposit amount will be advised and is dependent on the length of the appointment and the complexity of your treatment plan.

In instances where there has been a recorded failure to confirm appointments that you have scheduled, cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice, or failure to attend a scheduled appointment, we reserve the right to implement the following policy:

A minimum deposit of 50% of the estimated total fee for the appointment being scheduled may be required.

Cancelling an appointment where a deposit has been paid.

Should you need or decide to cancel your appointment or experience an unforeseen event that would not permit attendance, the following policy will be applied:

  • If cancellation occurs up to 48 hours (2 business days) before the appointment, 100% of the deposit will be refunded or transferred as a deposit towards another booking*.

  • If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours (2 business days) before the appointment, no deposit will be refunded or paid towards treatment*.

*We reserve the right to deduct from the refunded amount any costs incurred for treatment that has not been paid for, or lab fees incurred to date. An itemised invoice will be made available in such an instance.


Victorian Dental Group recognises that effective health care is based on a relationship that is therapeutic, collaborative and consists of mutual trust, honesty and respect between the healthcare provider and the patient. To maintain a sound therapeutic environment, good order and civil interaction should be maintained within the facility.

Victorian Dental Group aims to, as far as practicable, provide a safe and healthy work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our staff and members of the public within its facilities.

If risk is posed to the health and safety of a staff member or an attending client or patient, reasonable steps may be taken to keep staff safe and protect their professional and social obligations. Occasionally this collaborative relationship, and/or that healthy environment, may be seriously disrupted by acts or omissions of the patient or others that may require the dismissal of the patient from care and/or loss of his/her eligibility for attendance to the facility.

In some circumstances, the relationship between the practice, practitioner and a patient or client may become ineffective or compromised and may need to end.

If a patient omits or provides inaccurate information, exhibits behaviour that disrupts the safety of care or the environment, Victorian Dental Group may end the patient/client relationship and dismiss the patient/client from its facility.

The criteria for dismissing a patient/client from it’s facility includes but may not be limited to:

  • Abusive, aggressive behaviour, threats of violence, or actual assault to staff or patients.

  • Disruptive, persistently rude or otherwise offensive behaviour toward staff or patients.

  • Harassment of staff or patient(s).

  • Theft, misappropriation, or damage to, practice, staff or patient property.

  • Actions or behaviour that does not allow for capable performance of work duties and/or may jeopardise the safety or well-being of employees, whereby such acts or behaviour could endanger employees, damage practice property or adversely affect processes.

  • Persistent refusal to follow, or a history of failure to comply with, prescribed treatment protocols and procedures.

  • Requests, actions or behaviour for treatment that in the professional opinion and judgement of Victorian Dental Group or its Practitioner(s) may cause risk, harm, or poor clinical outcomes.

  • Tampering, altering, improper or illegal use or misuse of prescriptions or medications.

  • Misrepresentation of information or misrepresentation of the truth or falsifying medical history.

  • If the patient refuses to pay for treatment or incurs debt with the practice.

  • Attempts by persons to misrepresent themselves as patients or employees.

  • Criminal acts on practice property.

Recommendations for dismissal from the facility or termination of eligibility for care will be addressed, in writing, by concerned staff members and forwarded to the Clinical Director and/or the Managing Director for review.

Good practice involves ensuring that the patient or client is informed adequately of the decision and facilitating arrangements for the continuing care of the patient or client, including passing on relevant clinical information. A copy of his/her medical record will be sent to the new care provider upon request.

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