Beyond the Mouth: Understanding the Link Between Oral Health and Overall Wellness

We all know maintaining good oral health helps avoid unnecessary dental procedures such as fillings, and to prevent gum disease. But interestingly enough, oral health also contributes to maintaining overall wellness and usually gets overlooked in this sense. The mouth is the entry point to our body, and can have an immense impact of our overall health. Your award-winning dental clinic Victorian Dental Group gives us the run down, explaining the link between oral health and overall wellness.

Oral-systemic connection

Historically, general health and oral health were treated separately, even though the mouth is of course connected to the rest of the body. As we know, poor oral health contributes to bacteria in the mouth that can cause decay, the need for major dental work and gum disease. This harmful bacteria in the mouth can also cause issues for the rest of the body.

Conditions and diseases associated with oral health:

  • Diabetes
    There’s a high correlation between diabetes and gum disease. In fact, many people find out they are diabetic from their GP after their dentist recommends seeing their doctor as their gums are bleeding, red, puffy and have periodontal pocketing.
  • Endocarditis
    Having higher levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth can result in the bacteria entering the bloodstream which travel to the heart, damaging the valves or heart tissue. This can be life threatening with hospitalisation or surgery needed.
  • Alzheimer’s
    The brain is still a mystery in a lot of ways, however, many studies are showing Porphyromonas gingivalis, one of the many bacteria in the mouth, is a contributing factor to the deterioration of brain function.
  • Pregnancy
    Hormones can wreak havoc in the mouth and can severely increase the chance of decay or gum disease for women during pregnancy – even women that have never had any problems with their teeth and gums. It’s a great idea for women to advise their dentist they’re pregnant and have a thorough check up and clean when they’re carrying a little one.
  • Aspiration pneumonia
    Unfortunately common with the elderly, the harmful bacteria that harbours in the mouth trickles into the lungs and can even be fatal.

Fascinating, right? We dentists always say that taking care of your mouth is taking care of your body. Victorian Dental Group is your leading dental clinic in Melbourne. Having a strong focus on high quality dental care, gentle and nurturing methods, and education, we understand the important link between oral hygiene and overall wellness. Make an appointment and head into our Malvern clinic today.

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