Eating Your Way to a Healthier Smile: The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

You know what they say: food is medicine. Not only are there foods that are great for your general health, and foods that are bad for it, but the same scale also applies to your teeth. While excess consumption of some foods can lead to dental problems like tooth decay, consuming healthy foods can actually lead to healthier teeth and a happier you.

Let’s ask the experts at Victorian Dental Group, Melbourne’s leading dental clinic, and discuss some of the good guys and bad guys when it comes to a dental-positive diet.

Best foods for your teeth

The best foods for your teeth generally help with saliva production, possess high amounts of fibre, and possess high amounts of minerals like calcium and phosphates which help to restore enamel. These foods include:

  • Fibre-rich fruit and veg
    Fibre-rich fruit and veg is not only full of fibre, which helps keep your teeth clean, but it’s also a saliva producer – which is the body’s best natural defence against cavities and gum disease. Apples, carrots and celery are all favourite snacks among dentists for their teeth-cleaning properties.
  • Cheese, milk and plain yoghurt
    These low-sugar dairy products are great for producing saliva and adding calcium and phosphates back to your teeth. Avoid sweetened versions of these dairy products, like flavoured milk and fruit-flavoured yoghurt – it’s much better to have plain yoghurt and add fresh fruit to it afterwards. When consuming red wine, which is acidic and can eat away at enamel, ensure you pair it with your favourite cheese to reduce its effects.
  • Green and black tea
    Green and black tea contain polyphenols which kill or reduce plaque bacteria, making them the perfect alternative to soft drinks.

Worst foods for your teeth

Now, we have the bad guys – foods and drinks that are loaded with refined sugar or get stuck in your teeth easily;

  • Soft drinks
    Not only do most soft drinks contain around 10 teaspoons of sugar per serve, they also contain phosphoric and citric acids which eat away at enamel. Replace with less sugary but tasty drinks like coconut water.
  • Sticky sweets and lollies
    Sticky sweets and lollies which take longer to dissolve are the worst treat foods for your teeth. Replace with dark chocolate, as this has less sugar and washes off the teeth quicker than lollies.
  • Starchy foods that get stuck in your teeth
    Potato chips and soft white bread may not have excessive amounts of sugar, but they are starchy and get easily caught in your teeth and gums, increasing risk of cavities and other issues.

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