Embracing the Future: How Cutting-Edge Dental Technology Enhances Your Care

Technology has changed, and is constantly changing, pretty much in every industry. Imagine how hard it would be if we still had to check inventory manually and write it down on a piece of paper, or had to harvest fruit by hand – things would take a lot longer, and we’d have far less times on our hands.

Dental care is no different, and has seen some remarkable technological advances, even just in the last 5 years. Here, Melbourne’s leading dentists at Victorian Dental Group explain why we embrace the future with cutting-edge dental technology and its ability to enhance your care.

More accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

Diagnosis and treatment planning are two major parts of dental care, and technology has greatly enhanced these processes. Advanced imaging technologies such as 3D cone beaming and digital dental X-rays have allowed dentists to more precisely view dental structures and develop better treatment plans accordingly. This results in less guesswork and better results for patients. Victorian Dental Group also utilised Diagnocam technology. A diagnocam is an advanced diagnostic tool that utilizes intraoral cameras and cutting-edge imaging technology to provide detailed visualizations of teeth, aiding dentists in the precise identification of dental issues.

With the diagnocam, dentists can capture high-resolution images of teeth, enabling thorough examinations and early detection of dental conditions, promoting proactive and personalized treatment plans for optimal oral health.

Less invasive techniques

With any type of procedure, health professionals aim for the least invasive method with the best patient outcomes. Cutting-edge dental technology has seen vast improvements in this area, too. Lasers are a new feature of dentistry which allow for highly accurate yet minimally invasive care, and are used in both cosmetic and structural procedures. The benefits of lasers in dental care (when in use) can include minimal need for needles,, less discomfort during procedures, reduced treatment time and (big plus here) no alarming high-pitched drilling noise.

Dental technology at home

Cutting-edge dental technology is also available in a consumer sense – not just a professional one. There are a range of electric toothbrushes available which utilise cutting-edge technology to enhance your personal dental care, using motion sensors and artificial intelligence to analyse your brushing routine and suggest improvements based on areas you may be missing.

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