Emergency Dentistry: What to Do When Dental Disaster Strikes

Dental emergencies come in different ways. From a sudden toothache to a knocked-out tooth, dental disasters share one thing in common: they’re never fun!

Dental emergencies require immediate attention, and it’s important you act fast and stay calm in order to minimise the risk of permanent damage.

Here is a step by step guide on what to do when dental disaster strikes, brought to you by the specialist emergency dentists at Victorian Dental Group:

  • Remain calm
    While we know it’s difficult to do this during any emergency, the first step to handling a dental emergency is to remain calm. Panicking during a dental emergency will only make matters worse, and prevent you from thinking with a clear head. Take a few deep breaths, remain calm and follow these next steps:
  • Find an emergency dentist
    The next step is to find an emergency dentist who is available. Victorian Dental Group in Malvern is an Experienced emergency dental clinic. Call our practice on 9088 5808 for any type of dental emergency.
  • Follow the right steps, depending on your emergency
    The steps to follow depend on the type of dental emergency you’re experiencing. You can read a step-by-step guide on all dental emergencies here. For all other health emergencies, please contact 000.
  • Go to the emergency dentist
    Once you’ve contacted your emergency dentist and have followed the right steps given to you, safely arrive at dentist. If driving, drive safely and carefully, as failing to do so only creates further risk.
  • Follow the dentist’s instructions
    Once you’ve been seen by your dentist andthe emergency has been resolved, you’ll be given a set of instructions on how to manage the issue at home for the best chance of full recovery. Follow these steps meticulously.

Choose Victorian Dental Group for dental emergencies

Victorian Dental Group is your leading emergency dentist, conveniently located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our Malvern practice sees a range of emergency cases on a weekly basis. Here’s why you should only trust Victorian Dental Group for dental emergencies:

  • Experienced emergency dentists
    Our dentists are highly experienced in handling all dental emergencies. Known for quality work and effective results, our emergency dentists deliver the best outcomes when patients who need urgent help.
  • Transparent prices
    We’re not here to take advantage when patients are at their most vulnerable. Our approximate prices for emergency dental care are transparent, and can be viewed here.

Abscesses, knocked-out teeth, toothaches – Victorian Dental Group treat all of these dental emergencies and more. Our specialist emergency dentists are here to deliver fast, effective care when you’re in need. Contact Victorian Dental Group on 9088 5808 and visit our Malvern clinic today.

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