Fighting Plaque: Pro Tips for Superior Dental Hygiene

Every movie has a good guy and a bad guy. If oral health was a movie, the good guys would be your toothbrush and floss, and the bad buy would be plaque!

And sadly, plaque is a villain that seems to be winning more fights than it should amongst Australians.

According to Australian Dental Association (ADA), over 90% of Australian adults have experienced tooth decay at some point in their lives, and over 40% of Australians aged 55 or over have experienced moderate to severe periodontitis (gum disease).

So, what are some of the key things we can do to take the power back, and fight plaque like the superheroes we are? Here, Victorian Dental Group outlines pro tips for superior dental hygiene and keeping plaque at bay.

Brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly

Brushing your teeth relies on two factors: 1) brushing them twice a day and 2) brushing them thoroughly. You can’t just be ticking off one of these factors – otherwise, you’re not brushing properly. Concerningly, 1 in 5 Australians only brush their teeth once a day.

Regular brushing, at morning and night, is important because this helps to reduce bacteria that builds up and can cause decay, gum disease and other oral health problems. Thorough brushing ensures you’re reaching every spot in your mouth and eliminating this bacteria to the best of your ability.

Start flossing daily

Want to really fight off plaque and ensure good oral health? Start flossing daily. Flossing is one of the best things you can do to fight off plaque, and we’ll explain why. There are five sides of a tooth: the top, the front, the back, and the two gaps in between the teeth. Without flossing the gaps between your teeth, you’re only cleaning 60% of your teeth, and leaving the other 40% exposed to plaque build-up. If you find traditional floss difficult to use, you can always try an interdental brush.

Seeing a hygienist regularly

Even the best brushers and flossers can’t remove 100% of plaque, and that’s why every 6 months we schedule a dentist appointment which includes a scale and clean by the hygienist. Seeing a dental hygienist for a scale and clean is painless, quick and easy. They use professional instruments to remove plaque from your teeth and reach areas which are difficult to do on your own.

Let’s fight plaque for good with these simple steps for better oral health. Victorian Dental Group is Melbourne’s best team of dentists and hygienists. Not only is our team focussed on delivering Experienced dental care to the highest standards, but it’s also our goal to provide a gentle and nurturing experience for patients. Make an appointment with our Malvern dental clinic today and experience a better way of going to the dentist.

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