First Dental Visit: How to Prepare Your Child for a Positive Experience

As a parent, there are so many ‘firsts’ to experience and relish in our children. Their first steps, their first words, their first baby tooth – each of these are a landmark moment in their development.

Perhaps less memorable, but equally important, is your child’s first dental visit. We encourage some simple preparation for this visit, making it a positive and happy experience for you child. This helps children associate dental care and dental visits with good memories, encouraging them to maintain good dental habits later in life.

Here, Victorian Dental Group explains how to prepare your child for a positive experience on their very first dental visit:

Choose a family dentist

Dentists have different expertise, and some are more familiar with family visits and better at treating children than others. Choose a caring, empathetic dentist who has a reputation for child treatments, like our team at Victorian Dental Group. Just read what others are saying about our family dental practice; we’re proud to maintain a 5.0 star average on Google Reviews.

Speak positively about the appointment

Refer to the dental appointment in a positive, encouraging tone. You don’t need to over-hype it, or make it sound as fun as going to the playground, but we recommended creating a positive mindset around dental appointments.

Read books about dental visits

Part of what children might find scary about going to the dentist is the unfamiliarity. Going to the dentist is a new and unfamiliar experience for children, and it might be intimidating without any preparation.

Reading books about dental visits is a way for children to get an understanding of what to expect and how the appointment will go. This includes sensations like going backwards in the dental chair and having the dentist check on their teeth with instruments. There are many children’s books about going to the dentist which help prepare for a positive experience.

Role playing at home

Kids love to do role play, so doing a dentist role play is another fun way to prepare your child for their first trip to the dentist. You can familiarise them with the process of a dentist check-up, pretending to lower them in the ‘dental chair’ (your sofa), and check on their teeth using ‘instruments’ (a teaspoon or toy dental kit).

This can make children so much more confident when going to the dentist, and a lot of our patients’ parents report that this has helped them.

Is your child excited for their first trip to the dentist? Victorian Dental Group ensures your child enters our clinic with a smile, and leaves with an even bigger one. Our dentists and oral therapists love looking after the next generation of dental superstars and getting them motivated to take good care of their teeth. Make an appointment with Victorian Dental Group today and make your child’s first dental visit a great one.

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