From Coffee to Cabernet: Tackling Tough Teeth Stains

Having a whiter, bright smile is something we all desire and can make a huge impact on our confidence and well-being. Whiter teeth give a polished, confident look without extensive dental treatments. Tough stains are something most of us struggle with and see lots of misleading information – leaving us clueless on the best way to tackle these tough teeth stains.

Victoria Dental Group, Melbourne’s leading dental clinic, helps us understand the causes of staining as well as tackling stains to get your pearly whites shining in no time.

What causes staining?

  • Diet
    Tea, coffee and red wine (all the good stuff) unfortunately does stain the teeth over time.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is of course detrimental to your general and oral health, but also contributes to tenacious staining on the outsides of the teeth.
  • Ageing
    A part of life we can’t avoid! It’s super normal for your teeth to discolour as we get older, and whitening can help restore their original ivory colour.
  • Poor home care
    If the oral hygiene routine at home isn’t up to scratch, not only are you more likely to have dental issues but the teeth will appear stained and discoloured due to plaque build-up and generalised staining.
  • Medications
    Such as Tetracycline, a broad spectrum antibiotics can stain teeth.

How to remove tough teeth stains:

  • Custom-made take-home whitening kit
    Custom-made take-home whitening kits are available from a registered dental pracitioner. The tray is designed to fit your mouth perfectly to minimise any of the whitening agents irritating the gums. Your practitioner will issue you with a whitening gel containing either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. At-home whitening allows you to gradually build your results up and maintain them.
  • In-chair whitening
    The crème de la crème of stain removal and teeth whitening! A perfect option for busy bees and people wanting instant results. In-chair whitening is a one-time procedure performed by a dental professional. A high concentration of hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth a few times to reveal a whiter and brighter smile after your session.
  • In-chair and custom-made take-home combo
    The best of both worlds! By undertaking in-chair whitening, you’ll have instant results. The benefit of combining this with the custom-made take-home kit is that you’ll be able to continue to whiten the teeth until you’re happy with the shade. Take-home trays are also a fabulous maintenance tool as you can top up whenever you’ve got a special event.

Wanting to whiten your teeth? Come see the professional team at Victorian Dental Group in their state-of-the-art clinic offering the most advanced whitening options. With personalised care, they’ll assess the most suitable way to remove tough stains and give you your best smile back. Make an appointment with our Malvern dental clinic today to unlock your smile potential!