How to Make Brushing Fun: Creative Tips for Parents

Is your little one reluctant to brush? It’s common for children to find brushing their teeth boring or pointless. But, as we all know, getting into good dental habits early on can save us a lot of hassle down the track.

That’s why we’ve put together some of our favourite creative tips which parents can use to make brushing fun for their kids.

Victorian Dental Group outlines every trick in the bag: from time-honoured ones your parents may have even used on you as a child, to modern apps that help make brushing fun!

Choosing a fun toothbrush

Letting your child choose their favourite colour of toothbrush can help them positively associate with brushing their teeth. There are even themed toothbrushes with popular children’s characters on them – we find Bluey to be quite the hit! A fun toothbrush can really motivate kids to get into the habit of brushing.

Playing a song

Playing a song that lasts around two minutes is another good way to make brushing fun. Just check out YouTube – there are plenty of songs which were made to make brushing entertaining for kids. These last two minutes and act as a timer for brushing too, so that children can brush along to the song from start to finish.

Brushing apps

These days, there’s an app for everything… yep, even for making your child’s brush routine fun! Brushing apps turn the twice-daily routine into an adventure or a story, and creatively guide your children through brushing their teeth. This can really help make brushing enjoyable for reluctant children.

Brush together

Children mostly want to copy their parents, and using this to your advantage can help motivate kids to brush their teeth. By brushing together, morning and night, your child follows your example, getting into good dental habits from a young age.

Using a flavoured toothpaste

Right now, there are more toothpaste flavours available than ever before. Toothpaste comes in vanilla, softer mints, strawberry, watermelon and a whole bunch of other unique flavours which can make brushing exciting and different each night.

Add accessories

A colourful toothbrush holder, a suction-cup holder which has fun characters on it: these little touches can also make the whole brushing experience more fun, inspiring kids to keep brushing.

So, you’ve got a fun brushing routine down pat… but what about a fun dentist? Yes, we do exist! Victorian Dental Group have got you covered there. We’re Melbourne’s best family dental clinic, with expert dentists who not only deliver high quality results, but the best patient care for children, too. Many of our staff are also parents, so we understand that it’s important to make brushing fun for children. Book the whole family in for an appointment with Victorian Dental Group in Malvern today.

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