Nerves, Anxiety And The Dental Visit

For a parent, taking your child to a dental appointment can sometimes provoke stress and tears – and not only for the child!

Fortunately, modern dentistry technology and practice means that the visit to the dental clinic has every opportunity to be a positive experience. To help the process, Eddie Butler from Victorian Dental Group has a few tips:

Starting young – The earlier your child visits the dental clinic the better the chances they have at creating a positive relationship with the environment. Waiting for a dental concern to emerge as reason to visit can increase the chances that their first appointment will be something more complex, which may be confronting in an unfamiliar environment.

Be upfront – It is important that the dental visit is not something that is sprung on them. We find that bringing your little one into the clinic beforehand or having them be involved whilst making the appointment can help them to feel more comfortable.

Baby steps – It is important to know that not everything has to be done at the first appointment. For some children, getting in the chair for a ride can be a wonderful win!

Normalise and get excited – It is important to normalise the dental visit as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Removing language such as ‘are you scared?’ can help your child form positive expectations and outcomes towards dentistry.

Happy and fun – Children love fun, and there is no reason a visit to the dental clinic cannot be fun. A happy and fun dental practitioner with a great toy corner are a combination for success!

At Victorian Dental Group your children can be seen by an Oral Health Therapist – a dental practitioner that is trained in the management and care of our junior dental patients.

Coming for a dental appointment doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal anymore, to find out more call the friendly team on 03 9088 5808

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