Seal the Deal: How Dental Sealants Protect Children’s Teeth

As parents, we simply want the best for our children. Whether it’s to do with their health, their education or their happiness, we would do anything for our kids if it meant they benefited long-term.

A child’s oral health is definitely one of those aspects that parents should be paying close attention to. Dental sealants are particularly common for children aged 6 and over, and are super important for protecting children’s teeth.

Here, the experts at Victorian Dental Group explain how dental sealants protect children’s teeth, and why we’re your leading team for children’s fissure seals:

What are dental fissure sealants?

Dental fissure sealants are a protective layer applied to the grooves and pits in your teeth, called fissures. They prevent food from getting trapped in the fissures, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Dental fissure sealants are made of tooth filling material which is white or clear, and sometimes contains fluoride.

Do fissure seals hurt?

No. Fissure seals are quick and painless to apply, and often don’t require an anaesthetic. The process involves cleaning and drying the tooth, preparing the surface, painting on the liquid fissure sealant, setting the sealant with a strong light and checking the bite and polishing off any excess sealant.

When do children need fissure seals?

While not all children need fissure seals, they’re a very common method of protection from tooth decay and cavities, and most children will have them put on at some point before adulthood. Some children have deeper fissures than others, meaning they have a greater need for fissure seals. When children are exhibiting early signs of plaque build-up on molars, dental professionals will often apply fissure seals as a protective layer.

The benefits of dental fissure sealants at Victorian Dental Group

  • Reputation for quality work
    Our dental practitioners are known for their high-quality dental work, including applying dental fissure seals. We care about your child’s oral health which is why we use the best quality materials and most effective methods when applying dental sealants.
  • Affordable, long-term solution
    Our dental sealants are an affordable yet long-lasting way to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay. Oral health problems generally get more severe, and more expensive to fix, the longer they go on, so preventative measures like fissure seals are always the best solution.
  • Positive dental experience
    We focus on creating positive dental experiences for our younger patients. This helps your child to enjoy their visit to the dentist, helping them maintain good long-term oral health.

Talk to our practitioners at Victorian Dental Group about applying fissure sealants today. Our friendly, gentle team of dentists are some of Melbourne’s best, and are committed to creating positive dental experiences in children. Make an appointment and head into our Malvern clinic today.