The Wisdom Tooth Dilemma: To Extract or Not to Extract?

Getting older and wiser is something all young people want to do sooner rather than later – until it comes to the eruption of wisdom teeth!

Constant toothaches, difficulty chewing, risk of decay and infections: the effects of wisdom teeth can be pretty grim.

But thanks to modern medicine, we now have pain-free ways of having these pesky wisdom teeth extracted. The next question is, is extraction right for you, or can you keep your wisdom teeth?

Let’s consult the dentists at Victorian Dental Group, explaining when to extract and when not to extract your wisdom teeth:

Problems that can arise from wisdom teeth

For many people, wisdom teeth cause several oral health problems which is why they’re often extracted, either pre-emptively or once early symptoms of these problems are apparent. These issues include:

  • Crowding
    Wisdom teeth often don’t have enough room in the mouth to fully come through. When they start erupting, they crowd their neighbouring molars, causing structural damage to the teeth and causing pain.
  • Impacting
    Some wisdom teeth have no room at all to erupt, and stay fully hidden within the gums. This is called impacting, and can lead to infections or cause cysts that can damage other teeth roots or bone support.
  • Partial eruption
    When a wisdom tooth only partially erupts, it becomes difficult to clean, leading to a higher risk of bacteria build-up which can result in decay and gum disease.

When to have wisdom teeth extracted

Most Australians need their wisdom teeth removed. In the majority of cases, before the wisdom teeth have even begun to erupt, X-rays are able to reveal when wisdom teeth will cause crowding, impacting or pain. Consult a professional at Victorian Dental Group and arrange an X-ray if you’re concerned about wisdom teeth eruption.

When not to have wisdom teeth extracted

For some people, however, wisdom teeth have enough room to safely erupt. If this is the case, wisdom teeth extraction may not be necessary. Others may not actually have wisdom teeth to begin with.

Wisdom teeth assessment at Victorian Dental Group

Victorian Dental Group offer comprehensive examinations and assessments of wisdom teeth. Our dentists take X-rays of your jaw and indicate whether or not wisdom tooth extraction is required. In the majority of cases, wisdom teeth can be removed under local aesthesia in the clinic.

Victorian Dental Group is an award-winning family dental clinic located in Malvern. Our team of dentists are highly experienced in wisdom tooth removal, having conducted countless pain-free extractions. Specialising in gentle, nurturing dentistry, we care for our patients and want their experiences to be positive ones. Book in for an appointment at our Malvern clinic today.

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