Why Is Gold Used For Teeth?


Gold has long been used as a material for the restoration of teeth. With good reason, which we will get shortly. Trends over the decades had seen gold become more of an aesthetic element over that of a functional one. The placement of a ‘gold tooth’ on the front teeth was very popular in the 80’s and early 90’s. It served as both a statement of style and also a demonstration of wealth. Interestingly, amongst Melbourne residents, it does seem to be making a slight return, with more individuals opting for the placement of a gold tooth for aesthetic reasons.

Whilst composite filling materials and porcelain are by far the most common materials used to restore teeth today. Gold does still have a place in dentistry, and for some very good reasons.

  • First, because gold is flexible enough, it is able to hold up very well to the force of biting and chewing, meaning it does not crack or chip under pressure.
  • Gold is also highly resistant to food acids, oral bacteria, and corrosion, so it’s one of the most long-lasting methods of dental restoration available.
  • Additionally, gold crowns and fillings do not contribute to additional wear on the tooth that site above or below it as it is softer than tooth enamel.

The wonder of modern dentistry means that there is now an element of choice in which materials you personally would like your tooth restored with. This often comes down to (1) Aesthetics and desired looks, (2) finances and budget.

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