Victorian Dental Group


A General and Specialist Dental Clinic


“To provide an environment that facilitates the best possible opportunity for each individual to have a positive experience with their dental health.”

“To practice Dentistry to the highest of Australian Standards”

“To change the public perception of the dental visit to align with 21st century care”


“The Victorian Dental Group clinic pairs a contemporary experience with functional 21st-century dental technology and practice. ”


The potential impact that a dental clinic can have on the environment is alarmingly large. There are a significant amount of plastics and chemicals that are required by a dental practice, which are then sent back out into the environment. So, we thought let’s try to change that. Victorian Dental Group is committed to the safe removal, ethical disposal, and/or recycling of dental or chemical waste produced by our facility. We make every effort to source sustainable options when available.

We are an Amalgam (metal filling material) Free Clinic. In the event that you have any old Amalgam fillings removed from your teeth, this can contribute to mercury in the sewage system. Solution: Victorian Dental Group has installed an amalgam separator to filter amalgam filling residues from wastewater and prevent their release into the sewage system. The separated Amalgam is then collected and disposed of ethically and safely.

Medical waste and sharps waste – No worries. All are disposed of ethically and safely.

Solar Electricity – of course!


Our approach to dental care encompasses overall health and well-being. With the advent of modern dentistry, painfully uncomfortable visits are becoming a memory of the past. Unfortunately, those memories can matter. We understand.

It is important to us as health professionals that everything that we do is based on the large body of research, education and evidence that supports the most professionally appropriate treatment for you. If we do not believe in it, then we will not do it. Simple.

Our information becomes your information. You are in control of your health. We respect that. Our dental practitioners will give you as much information as possible for you to make an informed decision, and answer any questions you have prior to commencing any treatment. You will know why treatment is recommended, its benefits and limitations. Just as it should be. We always recommend that you seek a second opinion from another registered appropriately qualified dental practitioner.

Victorian Dental Group is Accredited for the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards by QIP. To learn more click here


To maximise information security and patient and practitioner experience, we are 90% digital. Client information and medical history can all be completed prior to your visit on your own device. Alternatively, this can be completed on our clinic ipads during your visit.

Our dental chairs host the latest in digital technology allowing our Dentists to focus on your treatment.

Our X-ray, OPG and intra-oral cameras are all digital, which means a reduction in radiation exposure and no excess films or developing chemicals. This provides instant viewing for you and our practitioners and reduces our environmental footprint!


We are very particular when it comes to our industry partnerships. Thats why we partner with local dental laboratories and providers who we believe in & trust. By locally sourcing our dental appliances and prosthetics, the turn-around time is shorter than when overseas sourced, and the quality of the materials is to Australian Standards.


Victorian Dental Group