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Our full-service clinic in Malvern is less than 5 km east of Victoria Gardens in Prahran. We offer a comprehensive range of dental services, covering everything from basic dental health to advanced cosmetic treatments. We’re here to understand your dental needs, provide answers to your questions, and discuss a customised treatment plan where necessary. Visit our online gallery to explore our range of dental treatments.

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Prahran, a lively and stylish suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and cultural diversity. Located with the postcode of 3181, it is bordered by suburbs like Windsor, South Yarra, and Toorak.

Prahran offers a unique mix of residential comfort and bustling commercial activity, making it an ideal locale for both families and singles. The suburb spans approximately 1.9 square kilometres and includes 8 parks, which cover nearly 6.3% of its total area.

As of 2016, the population of Prahran was about 12,985, having grown by 16.0% since 2011. The most common age group in Prahran is 20-29 years. The area is predominantly occupied by childless couples, many of whom are professionals. In 2016, around 39.3% of homes in Prahran were owner-occupied.

Prahran Fast Facts

  • Victorian Dental Group offers holistic dental services conveniently close to Prahran.
  • Prahran Postcode: 3181
  • State: VIC
  • Surrounding Suburbs: Windsor, South Yarra, Toorak
  • Distance from Prahran to Victorian Dental Group: Approximately 5 km or 15 minutes by car. You can also use Tram Route 5, from the corner of St Kilda Road and High Street.
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